Slowly, Nowhere

Slowly, Nowhere

13 min

Two teenage boys plot to steal the top part of the dome of the rock. Their initial journey begins in `The Hebrew Gymnasium´, my former high school, and from there the story passes onto their hands. Part fiction-part documentary this film brings forth the behind the scenes politics of filmmaking. It is shot as a live action film, in various religious locations. By walking the steps of spiritual leaders, the film looks into questions of truth, greed, remorse, life. 

The work on this film was intended to generate a singular experience for all the people involved in its creation. The storyboard, script and cinematography were never sealed in order to make space for all the singular voices in the film, both cast and crew. Using Improvisation as a tool, guiding artistic style and method in confronting barriers.

The film ends in a cut back to reality. The ending is a descent back home, questioning our experience as transient existence.

Shot in Jerusalem and the surrounding area.

Language: Hebrew, English